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San Bernardino Community College District

TESS Executive Committee

Tess Executive Committee

  • Develop, monitor, and update the Technology Strategic Plan, ensuring alignment between the District-wide use of technology and the Board of Trustee's imperatives.
  • Evaluate the value of and prioritization of major projects or recommend prioritization to Chancellor's cabinet, as appropriate.
  • Serve as an advisory body to the Chancellor's Cabinet.
  • Propose new policies and procedures to Board of Trustees.
  • Ratify standards and procedures


  • Co-Chair - Elected
  • Academic Senate President (CHC, SBVC)
  • Business Manager (District)
  • Campus Director, Technology Services (CHC, SBVC)
  • Classified Staff (CHC, District, SBVC)
  • Director, District Computing Services (District)
  • Director, Fiscal Services (District)
  • Director, Human Resources (District)
  • Director, Marketing (CHC, District, SBVC)
  • Director, Research and Planning (CHC, SBVC)
  • Executive Director, Technology & Educational Support Services (District) - Chair
  • Executive Director, Economic Development and Career Training (District)
  • President, KVCR (District)
  • Vice-President of Instruction (CHC, SBVC)
  • Vice-President of Student Services (CHC, SBVC)
  • Vice-President of Administrative Services (CHC, SBVC)

Meetings, Agendas, and Minutes