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Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and resources.

San Bernardino Community College District

Information for Students

Last modified at 1/10/2022 6:13 p.m.


We care about your health and wellbeing. Learn how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community and ensure a safe environment for everyone in the San Bernardino Community College District.

How will classes be offered in Spring 2022?

COVID-19 rates are spiking in our region and state after the holidays. To help prevent the spread of the virus in our community, we will temporarily transition to online services and distance education from January 18 through February 25.

The majority of courses and student services will be offered remotely from January 18 through February 25. Students can expect to receive class meeting details from their instructors, or check on their Canvas Course Shell.

During this time, essential services such as campus libraries, bookstores, food pantries, and child development centers will remain open.

Facemasks are required indoors, regardless of vaccination status.

Why are vaccines being mandated?

Due to the introduction of new COVID-19 variants and their propensity for spread in our community, the San Bernardino Community College District (SBCCD) Board of Trustees approved a new resolution on September 23, 2021, requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for students, faculty, staff, and visitors who will be accessing district facilities and property or the campuses of Crafton Hills College and San Bernardino Valley College.

When is proof of vaccination due?

March 11, 2022

Will masks still be required on campus?

Yes, we continue to require all individuals to wear face masks inside all college and district facilities, property, and classrooms.

Do I have to get vaccinated to attend classes?

No, however, unvaccinated students or exempt students will need to take online courses and receive online services effective Summer 2022. Exempt students will need to undergo weekly testing for clearance to access campuses and district facilities.

How will I know that my vaccination submission has been accepted?

Vaccination records will be reviewed and verified by staff. Once verified, a message will be sent to the college assigned email account that the vaccination submission has been verified and recorded. Please allow for 5-7 working days for processing.

My vaccination card is lost/damaged, what do I do?

You may request a Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record through the California Department of Public Health at If you received your vaccination from a federal agency (e.g., Department of Defense, Indian Health Services, or Veterans Affairs), you will need to reach out to those agencies for assistance with your vaccination record.

Do I need a hard-copy vaccination card to comply with the District’s requirement?

No, you may upload a digital vaccination record. You may request a Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record through the California Department of Public Health at If you received your vaccination from a federal agency (e.g., Department of Defense, Indian Health Services, or Veterans Affairs), you will need to reach out to those agencies for assistance with your vaccination record.

I already submitted my proof of vaccine; do I have to show it again?

No, vaccination proof will only need to be submitted once. Only those that have not submitted proof of vaccine will need to submit verification.

Do I need to submit COVID-19 vaccination proof if I am only planning to take online courses after the Spring semester?

No, students not planning to take face-to-face courses are not required to be fully vaccinated, however if students are coming to campus for on campus services or events, they will have to submit proof of vaccination or provide proof of negative covid test.

Can I receive an exemption from this mandate?

Yes, students with medical conditions or strongly held religious beliefs may apply for a vaccination exemption. Students with a vaccine exemption will be required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test result regularly (weekly and within 72 hours before visiting the campus or district property). More information regarding required documentation for exemption requests will be provided soon.

How do I apply for an Exemption?

More information regarding exemption process and required documentation for exemption requests will be provided soon.

How will I know if my exemption request has been approved?

Exemption forms will be reviewed as quickly as possible. Once a decision is rendered, a message will be sent to your college assigned email. If approved, exempted students will be enrolled in a weekly Covid-19 testing requirement as a condition of the exemption and campus safety protocols. Follow-up questions can be sent to the respective campus Student Health Center / Health & Wellness Center.

Why does testing have to occur within 72 hours?

The 72-hour requirement is consistent with the State of California’s guidance on “mega events” (concerts, sporting events, etc.). The 24-hour testing regulation is in accordance with the state’s requirement. Keep in mind that some COVID tests require a 24-to-48-hour turnaround time; and therefore a 24-hour testing requirement may be too burdensome for some students.

How long will an exemption be approved for?

Exemptions will be approved for one year.

What happens if I am not vaccinated or do not show proof of vaccination by March 11, 2022?

Students without proof of vaccination or an approved exemption will not be allowed to register for face-to-face courses but will be able to register for FULLY ONLINE classes and receive online services.

If I have an exemption and receive a positive test, can I still take in-person classes?

Students with an approved exemption who receive a positive COVID test result will remain enrolled in the course but may be subject to home quarantine in accordance with CA Department of Public Health (CDPH) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines. We advise that students with a positive result notify their instructor immediately. The academic department will inform the district, and a member of the SBCCD contact-tracing team will follow-up with the student.

What if I am fully vaccinated but have symptoms matching those of COVID-19 or its variants?

If you have symptoms related to COVID-19 or its variants, please do not come to campus. You are required to: 

  • Stay home until your symptoms have resolved and you have had no fever for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication, or are otherwise cleared to return to campus by a member of the District’s COVID-19 contact-tracing team.
  • Notify your instructor so that arrangements can be made for your continued success. 

It is important to note that individuals who are fully vaccinated can still contract COVID-19 or its variants. Contact your health care provider or schedule an appointment to get a COVID-19 test if you are exhibiting COVID symptoms. If your symptoms are severe, please go to an emergency room or urgent care immediately. 

What if I am fully vaccinated and do not have any COVID-19 symptoms, but learn I have had close contact with an individual with COVID-19?

Please follow the same reporting procedure as if you were symptomatic for COVID.  Inform your instructor, and they will notify the District so that a District contact-tracing team member can follow up with you. You should plan to stay home until a District staff member reaches out to you. Please note that public-health guidelines pertaining to fully-vaccinated individuals and quarantine protocols are subject to change at any time.

If you were notified by the County Public Health department that you were in close contact with an individual who has COVID-19, you should follow the same procedure.

Will students be mandated to get a booster shot?

No. Currently, our policy does not include boosters.  The district defers to CDC and CDPH definitions of “fully vaccinated” and will modify our policy if the definitions change to include additional vaccine doses beyond the initial series (2 doses Pfizer or Moderna, or 1 dose Johnson & Johnson).

To whom and how do I provide vaccination evidence?

The process for submitting proof of vaccination status is still being developed. Students will receive more details soon.

Where can I get vaccinated, and is there a cost for me?

Free and safe vaccinations are available. Go to or to find a location and set an appointment.

Where on campus can I get tested, and is there a cost to me?

Testing sites on campus will be available Monday through Thursday and these services will be free of charge. More information regarding testing dates and locations on campus will be provided as we approach the implementation date.

I am a high school student that is concurrently enrolled or participating in a dual enrollment course on campus. Do I have to show proof of vaccination?

Yes. The vaccine or exemption requirement is applicable to all students attending courses on campus.