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San Bernardino Community College District

What the Inland Empire Can Expect from KVCR TV/FM

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SBCCD Trustees Approve Plan to Strengthen KVCR TV/FM's Future

What’s new: More student trainees, more professional fundraising, and a long-term plan for the future will inspire new possibilities at EMPIRE | KVCR 91.9 FM and TV Channel 24, the only publicly-owned radio and TV operation that serves the Inland Empire. 
Why it matters: KVCR airs PBS and NPR news and is the only commercial-free, educational media outlet in the Inland Empire. The San Bernardino Community College District Board of Trustees recently approved a plan for KVCR’s long-term future. The plan will keep PBS and NPR on-air, hire staff to boost community partnerships and fundraising, and train students in media industry careers.

The big picture: “We are looking forward to providing KVCR the stable leadership it needs, growing our community-based media content, and continuing to bring students into KVCR so they can learn the skills necessary to work in California’s billion-dollar media industry,” said Gloria Macias Harrison, chair of the SBCCD Board of Trustees.

  • SBCCD Chancellor Diana Rodriguez said community members and KVCR staff members were included in conversations with college district planners.
  • “It’s a matter of educational equity in this community, not only to maintain our excellent community college district but to keep KVCR in the heart of it.”
  • ▶️ Play Chancellor Rodriguez’s video message.


Go deeper: Last June, a group of Inland Empire state legislators dedicated $4 million in one-time state funds to help KVCR keep PBS and NPR programming on-air. Recently, Congressman Pete Aguilar included $1 million for KVCR in this year’s federal budget.

  • “We are grateful to Congressman Pete Aguilar, Assembly Majority Leader Eloise Gomez Reyes, Assemblymember James Ramos, Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez, and Senator Connie Leyva for securing funding to keep KVCR strong. These state and federal dollars for KVCR are strategic investments in the brain trust and upward mobility of our region,” said Chancellor Rodriguez.


The plan for KVCR includes:

  • Recruiting an executive director, and two positions for KVCR to increase donations and grants, and overseeing broadcast operations.
  • Establishing a dedicated student training lab inside KVCR to train the next generation of radio, television, and digital media professionals to take part in California’s $504 billion creative economy.
  • Hiring two new positions to coordinate student trainees in the Institute of Media Arts at San Bernardino Valley College.
  • Expanding community-based TV, radio, and digital content relevant to diverse communities in Riverside and San Bernardino counties.
  • Continuing to air PBS and NPR programming.
  • Continuing to collaborate with tribal nations to broadcast FNX, nationwide television programming devoted to Native American and World Indigenous content.
  • Advocating for continuous state and federal funding to strengthen KVCR’s public service in the Inland Empire.


What they're saying:

  • Assembly Majority Leader Eloise Gomez Reyes: “SBCCD is one of the only community college districts in the country to have its own public service media outlet, and the benefit to our community through educational programming, news, and public service information is invaluable.”
  • Assemblymember James Ramos: “KVCR is a treasure we can’t afford to lose. It is an irreplaceable resource offering news and also rare cultural content such as Native American broadcasts that air across the country. The Inland Empire is enriched by the diverse informational, educational, and entertaining programming here and beyond its transmission area. Supporting KVCR is a benefit to all.”
  • Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez: “We all look forward to continuing to hear the familiar voices of KVCR on the radio across the Inland Empire. For over 60 years, the public programming TV and radio programs have become something many families rely on for their news and entertainment. Supporting KVCR will benefit the community for years to come.” (Source)
  • Senator Connie Leyva: “Residents from across the Inland Empire rely on KVCR for news, entertainment, and so much more, so I am so excited that it will continue airing its public programming throughout our region.  There is no doubt that by keeping PBS and NPR on-air, their beloved programming will be enjoyed by families for years to come.”
  • Congressman Pete Aguilar: “KVCR is an important part of our community, offering our residents educational and engaging reporting on local and national issues. I am proud to have secured this funding to help KVCR provide Inland Empire students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience and hands-on career training in this field.”