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San Bernardino Community College District

SBCCD Board of Trustees

Last modified at 7/8/2024 9:02 a.m.

SBCCD Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the San Bernardino Community College District is the governing body of the District. The Board is established by, and derives its power and duties from, the Constitution of the State of California and the Statutes of California as adopted by the Legislature and issued in the California Education Code, and the directives of the Board of Governors, California Community Colleges, listed in Title V, California Code of Regulations.

Seven trustees, elected from your communities, and two student representatives elected by their respective campuses govern the San Bernardino Community College District. Trustees serve a four-year term, while the non-voting student trustees serve a one-year term.

All regular and special meetings of the Board, except as otherwise required or permitted by law, are open to the public so that citizens may have the benefit of Board deliberations concerning items under consideration. A list of upcoming Board meetings are listed at 

Trustee Appointment

The San Bernardino Community College District Board of Trustees seeks applicants to represent Trustee Area 5. To be eligible for a provisional appointment and serve on the board, applicants must reside within the boundaries of Trustee Area 5 (see map).

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for appointment, candidate must be:

  • A resident of Trustee Area 5, as defined by the 2022 Trustee Area boundaries
  • Age 18 or older
  • A registered voter

SBCCD faculty and staff may apply but must resign employment from the district if appointed by the board to fill the vacancy. 

How To Apply: 

Please complete the candidate application and information sheet (click here for PDF version)and return to:

Office of the Chancellor, C/O Heather Ford
San Bernardino Community College District
550 E. Hospitality Ln., Suite 200
San Bernardino, CA 92408

Specifics of the provisional appointment process are:

  • Provisional appointments are subject to the conditions of Education Code 5091.
  • Per California Attorney General Opinion No. 22-502 (Oct. 27, 2022), residency of candidates will be defined by the district’s 2022 Trustee Area boundaries.
  • Applicants must meet the legal qualifications for members of the board as stated in the Constitution and other laws (Education Code 72022).
  • The person appointed to the position shall hold office only until the next regularly scheduled election on Nov. 5, 2024, and may run for re-election at that time. To be eligible for re-election, the candidate must be a resident of Trustee Area 5, as defined by the Trustee Area boundaries adopted by the board in 2022.
  • A provisional appointment confers all powers and duties of a governing board member upon the appointee immediately following his or her appointment.
  • Board members will vote during a public meeting to select a provisional appointee.


The application deadline is 4:00 p.m., June 26, 2024.

Appointment Process Timeline

  • June 26, 2024: All applications for appointment are due.
  • June 27,2024: Board Executive Members and Chancellor screen applications for eligibility and approve/develop interview questions.
  • July 1, 2024: Notification to qualified applicants of Board Interview date, time, and location.
  • July 11, 2024: The Board interviews candidates and takes action to approve provisional appointment based on majority vote.
  • July 12, 2024: Press releases are distributed to media, social media, and  websites.
  • August 8, 2024: New Board Member is sworn-in and introduced.


Practical information from the Community College League of California:


Policies that relate to the Board of Trustees and address specific legal issues, functions, and duties:

Thank you for your interest in serving on the San Bernardino Community College District Board of Trustees.

Members of the Board of Trustees

Stephanie Houston
Dr. Stephanie Houston
Board Chair, Area 6

Dr. Nathan D. Gonzales
Dr. Nathan D. Gonzales
Board Vice Chair, Area 4

Joseph R. Williams
Board Clerk, Area 2




Dr. Cherina Betters
Trustee, Area 7

Gloria Macias Harrison
Gloria Macias Harrison
Trustee, Area 5

 John Longville
John Longville
Trustee, Area 3

Frank Reyes
Frank Reyes
Trustee, Area 1

Hadi Natour
Hadi Natour
Student Trustee, CHC

Nelva Ruiz-Martinez
Nelva Ruiz-Martinez
Student Trustee, SBVC

SBCCD Area Maps

SBCCD Service Areas

Download SBCCD Service Area Map

SBCCD Trustee Area Map (2022)

Download SBCCD Trustee Area Map

Based on 2020 U.S. Census data, 765,547 people live within SBCCD's service area. Since the last decennial census, the district grew by 52,054 residents or 7.3%. This change is slightly greater than the state population change of 6.1%. 

At their January 2022 meeting, the SBCCD Board of Trustees approved new trustee boundaries to keep each area nearly equal in population while considering topography, geography, the cohesiveness of territory, and communities of interest.