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San Bernardino Community College District

Strategic Planning

Last modified at 12/12/2023 11:45 a.m.

Strategic Planning

For nearly 100 years, thousands of students and families in the Inland Empire have counted on the San Bernardino Community College District for higher education, career training, and the opportunity to get ahead. We have changed the trajectory of students' lives, strengthened our communities, enriched our local economy…and we're just getting started. Thanks to the valuable input of faculty, staff, students, alumni, K-12 schools, four-year universities, industry and community partners, this plan embodies our shared aspirations.

Crafton Hills College
San Bernardino Valley College
San Bernardino Community College District

CHC Educational Master Plan 2023-2028 (Board Approved 06/08/23)

SBVC Educational Master Plan 2023-2028 (Board Approved 06/08/23)

SBCCD DSO Support Plan 2023-2028 (Board Approved 06/08/23)

CHC Educational Master Plan Executive Summary

SBVC Educational Master Plan Executive Summary 

SBCCD Final Delineation of Functions Map (05/24/23)

CHC Final Data Portfolio 

SBVC Final Data Portfolio


Plan Implementation

The final step in the integrated strategic plan process is for the Colleges to finalize their Educational Master Plans (EMP) and to begin the DSO Support Plan Project. Using the SBCCD Strategic Plan as a guide for the creation of College Strategic Directions and Supporting Actions will create alignment across the District.

Alighment & Integration

Educational Master Planning Project

SBCCD is in the process of developing its next five-year District Strategic Plan, and Educational Master Plans (EMPs) at its two colleges: Crafton Hills College (CHC) and San Bernardino Valley College (SBVC). The Collaborative Brain Trust (CBT), a national firm serving higher education institutions, has been engaged to facilitate and provide educational master planning services to support the work of the colleges. The CBT team is working with the District and each college’s EMP Committee (EMPC) in the process. Each college’s EMPC represents all areas of the College, and the committee make-up represents all constituent groups across the college.

DSO Support Plan Project 

Beginning in January, 2023, the DSO began its process of developing the DSO Plan, incorporating Strategic Directions with Supporting Actions to operationalize its dual responsibility of supporting both the SBCCD Strategic Plan and the College EMPs. This project is designed to fulfill that objective.

The DSO planning Project has four key components:
     1. Develop the five-year DSO Plan Strategic Directions and Supporting Actions
     2. Align and refine the SBCCD Integrated Planning Model components
     3. Confirm and revise the SBCCD Delineation of Functions Map
     4. Continue building collaboration, respect, and a positive culture among DSO, SBVC, andn CHC colleagues

The five-month Project timeline extends from January to June 2023, with consideration for
adoption by the Board of Trustees in June 2023.


Phase I – December 2021 - May 2022, Discovery: Data Collection, Analysis, and Synthesis 

March 14, 2022 - DSO Kickoff Meeting (agenda)

March 15, 2022 - CHC Kickoff Meeting (agenda)

March 15, 2022 - Project Update

March 16, 2022 - SBVC Kickoff Meeting (agenda)

April 5 - 6, 2022 - DSO Site Visit, Unit Interviews & Listening Sessions (schedule)

April 15, 2022 - Project Update

May 2, 2022 - CHC and DSO to launch internal survey

May 9, 2022 - SBVC to launch internal survey

May 11 - 12, 2022 - Site Visits, Unit Interviews & Listening Sessions 

May 15, 2022 - Project Update

Phase II – June 2022 – September 2022, Portfolio Development and Planning Assumptions

September 30, 2022 - Project Update

Phase III – October 2022 – December 2022, Goal-Setting and Recommendations 

October 27, 2022 - Project Update

December 16, 2022 - Project Update


                DSO Support Plan Project Overview 

                February 27, 2023 - DSO Session (agenda)

                February 28, 2023 - DSO Leadership, CHC & SBVC EMP Teams Session (agenda)

                March 14, 2023 - Project Update

                March 15, 2023 - Chancellor's Council Alignment of Delineation of Functions Map & Strategic Directions 

                April, 2023 - Project Update 

                May, 2023 - Project Update

                May 26, 2023 - DSO Planning Services Project Final Report

                June 8, 2023 - Board Approval of CHC and SBVC EMPs and DSO Support Plan