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San Bernardino Community College District

Districtwide Enrollment Management Subcommittee

Last modified at 10/27/2023 2:20 p.m.

Districtwide Enrollment Management Subcommittee (DEMS)

Meetings, Agendas, & Minutes


Districtwide Enrollment Management Subcommittee Organization
2023-24 Membership Roster
Committee Recommendations/Notice of Actions
Participatory Governance Structure
2023-24 Responsibilites and Goals 


Take a holistic, comprehensive, and integrated approach to enrollment management that identifies best practices, explores our vulnerability to changes in economic, enrollment and demographic trends technology, using disaggregated data, and recommends strategies to enhance recruitment, access, success, persistence, and goal attainment for our students through the lens of DEIA.

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Continuous review and evaluation of enrollment trends.
  • Use qualitative and quantitative data to inform recommendations.
  • Collaborate with colleges’ enrollment management/strategies committees to develop, implement, and evaluate enrollment management goals and strategies that align with SBCCDs Integrated Planning process.
  • Monitor and evaluate progress toward the districtwide enrollment management subcommittee goals.
  • Identify ways to support campus enrollment management efforts and effectively integrate emerging technologies.

Spring 2024 Goals:

  1. Implement a districtwide enrollment strategy to support the colleges’ enrollment goals.
  2. Identify and utilize data for a districtwide enrollment management strategy.
  3. Review disaggregated data for enrollment, efficiency, service area trends, student outcomes, student demographics.
  4. Study SBCCD’s high school capture rate.
  5. Collaborate to streamline the matriculation process for colleges and provide student support to ensure its success.
  6. Support and review enrollment strategies at the campus level regarding community-wide engagement.
  7. Support colleges engagement strategies to capture students who have had an interruption in enrollment (enhanced Early Alert).
  8. Support colleges with retention strategies that lead to completion. Adopt a districtwide enrollment management dashboard.
  9. Collaborate to identify, capture, and track technology and management software utilized for enrollment engagement.
  10. Identify and analyze enrollment activities and strategies.