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San Bernardino Community College District

College Corps

Last modified at 5/22/2024 3:02 p.m.

Let's Change Our Community

  • College Corps is a service opportunity for full-time students at Crafton Hills College and San Bernardino Valley College who want to change their community.
  • As a College Corps student volunteer, you'll work side by side with local leaders in the Inland Empire to tackle our community's most pressing challenges like K-12 education, food insecurity and climate change.


Benefits of Serving

  • Money for college and living expenses: Receive up to $10,000 for completing 450 hours of volunteering in one year.
  • Improve your resume: Gain experience and skills employers value including leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving.
  • Make a difference in your community: Bring your passion and talents to help others in our community. You will make new friendships and professional connections for the future. 

College Corps StudentsWhat to Expect

  • What will I do?  College Corps student volunteers will serve 450 hours throughout the 2024 - 2025 academic year at a local K-12 school or nonprofit organization that focuses on food insecurity or the environment. 
  • Where will I serve?  We will match you with a local organization that needs your talents and skills. The organization will be located within a reasonable driving distance from your campus.
  • Who can serve?  The College Corps program is open to 50 students total attending Crafton Hills College and/or San Bernardino Valley College. See the eligibility criteria for more details.

College Corps Students

Who is Eligible?

  1. Commit to serving 450 hours in one academic year as a College Corps student volunteer.
  2. Have a high school diploma or G.E.D. by the beginning of the 2024 - 2025 academic year.
  3. Be a full-time student (take 12 class units per semester) at Crafton Hills College and/or San Bernardino Valley College.
    1. We will make accommodations for students taking less than 12 units who have a courseload accomodation through Student Accessiblity Services. 
  4. Both U.S. citizens and Dreamer students (a non-U.S. citizen who is an AB 540-eligible Dreamer student).
  5. Low- and middle-income students are encouraged to apply. Students must meet one (1) of the following:
    1. Qualify for a Federal Pell Grant.
    2. Qualify for a Cal Grant.
    3. Qualify for a California College Promise Grant.
    4. Student needs to work part-time and/or borrow student loans.
    5. Is an AB 540-eligible Dreamer student.
  6. Complete a background check.
  7. No minimum GPA is required, but you must currently be and remain in good academic standing.  

Non-U.S. citizens/AB 540-eligible Applicants, ONLY:




Information Sessions for Potential Student Fellows

(Zoom Link for Virtual Dates:

  • Tuesday March 12th, 2024 at 12pm, Zoom
  • Wednesday March 27th, 2024 at 12pm, SBVC B*118
  • Tuesday April 2nd, 2024 at 12pm, CHC CNTL 118
  • Friday April 19th, 2024 at 9am, Zoom
  • Tuesday April 23rd, 2024 at 5pm, Zoom
  • Wednesday May 1st, 2024 at 12pm, Zoom
  • Thursday May 9th, 2024 at 10am, Zoom
  • Thursday May 23rd, 2024 at 9am, Zoom