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San Bernardino Community College District

SBCCD Thanks Trustees Macias Harrison and Viricel for Their Service

In the Community

Trustees Gloria Macias Harrison and Dr. Anne Viricel
(Pictured from left: Gloria Macías Harrison and Dr. Anne L. Viricel)

San Bernardino Community College District Trustees Gloria Macías Harrison and Dr. Anne L. Viricel have announced they will conclude their service on the governing board, effective June 30, 2024. Both trustees have been instrumental in shaping the district's policies and advocating for student success throughout their tenures.

Gloria Macías Harrison

Trustee Gloria Macías Harrison was elected to the Board of Trustees in 2012 and has served the district in various capacities for over 12 years.

Reflecting on her tenure, Macías Harrison shared:

“My journey with SBCCD began many years ago when I was a student at San Bernardino Valley College, where I earned my Associate of Arts degree. That education opened countless doors for me, my family, and thousands of other students in our community. I had the privilege to serve as President of Crafton Hills College for 12 years, Vice President of Instruction for 6 years, and taught for 20 years at San Bernardino Valley College. Additionally, my time as Dean of Humanities for three years and my tenure serving as a Board of Trustee since 2012 have been incredibly fulfilling. Each role has deepened my love and appreciation for this district and the transformative power of education. What I’ve always cherished most about SBCCD is the sense of community and the shared commitment to helping students succeed. I know that the future is bright for SBCCD because of the incredible people who care so deeply about this institution. I want to thank my family for their unwavering support, allowing me the time to give back to our community. I’m looking forward to spending more time with them and staying connected with other community projects and causes. Thank you to everyone who makes SBCCD a special place. It’s been an honor to work alongside you all to cultivate and prepare the next generation of leaders for our region.”

SBCCD Board Chair Dr. Stephanie Houston praised Macías Harrison’s contributions, saying:

“Gloria Macías Harrison’s dedication and leadership have been instrumental in shaping our district’s success. Her passion for education and commitment to student achievement have set a strong foundation for our future.”

Chancellor Diana Z. Rodriguez also commended Macías Harrison’s impact:

“Trustee Macías Harrison’s deep knowledge of higher education, governance, fiscal matters, and regional dynamics has profoundly shaped how we support our students. Her leadership on the board has been a guiding light, ensuring we provide high-quality education and career training for both today’s and tomorrow’s students. We honor her exceptional service with deep gratitude and look forward to her continued involvement in the community she loves and serves so passionately.”

Dr. Anne L. Viricel

Trustee Dr. Anne L. Viricel, who has served on the board for nine years, has also made significant contributions to the district. During her tenure, she has held various leadership positions, including Board Chair, Vice Chair, and Clerk.

Reflecting on her service, Dr. Viricel shared:

“It’s been incredible to witness the growth of SBCCD — from advancing student success and achieving the highest level of accreditation, to developing new facilities and deepening our community engagement and industry partnerships. After nine fruitful years, I’m leaving with a heart full of gratitude for my colleagues, our students, and the dedicated faculty, staff, and community partners. I am excited to see how our district will keep growing and creating new opportunities for future generations and hope to continue to serve in a volunteer capacity.”

Chancellor Diana Z. Rodriguez expressed her gratitude for Dr. Viricel’s service:

“Dr. Viricel’s wisdom and leadership have been instrumental in expanding access to higher education and creating opportunities for our community. Her steady guidance has helped us navigate challenging times and set a solid foundation that will benefit our students for years to come. I’m deeply grateful for her distinguished service and especially for her passion for arts education, which has greatly enriched our community’s cultural landscape.”

SBCCD Board Chair Dr. Stephanie Houston also praised Dr. Viricel’s contributions:

“Dr. Viricel has been a remarkable leader, not only within our district but also on a statewide level. Her unique perspective as a university-level business professor, nonprofit executive director, community advocate, mother, and grandmother has enriched every decision we’ve made as a board. We congratulate her on her new chapter and remain deeply grateful for her contributions to our district and the wider community.”

Looking Ahead

The SBCCD Board of Trustees will appoint qualified individuals to fill the vacancies left by Macías Harrison and Dr. Viricel. More information is available on the SBCCD Board of Trustees page.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to both Gloria Macías Harrison and Dr. Anne L. Viricel for their outstanding service and dedication to the San Bernardino Community College District. Their legacy of leadership and commitment to education will continue to inspire and guide us.